Saturday, April 17, 2010

NEW (okay slightly borrowed) IDEA!!

Okay so since I don't actually do anything with this blog that I originally wanted to I'm going to try something else. I got these idea(s) off another blog and a group my sister belongs to on Facebook. The idea is to post new pictures...both just to have some fun and gain creativity (I hope) and to gain practice and experience. So....

I will be posting pictures hopefully on a weekly basis (blog idea...wordless Wednesdays) but maybe to be fair it might be twice a month (hey school and life keeps me busy). The idea is to take random words, phrases, sayings and take a picture that I feel represents this for me (facebook group idea). If you want to play along...then please just post a comment with your email and I will add you as an author to this blog (allowing you to post pictures and words/sayings). Hopefully this will be fun :)

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