Friday, August 12, 2011

Miracles and vacation...

My husband is a miracle worker and my laptop is up and running again (for now and hopefully long term).  I am not missing any pictures or irreplaceable things like that (I don't think) but I am still missing some of my programs as I try to recover things that I used frequently and forget those that I didn't.

Anyway back in the running but no photo editing software right now (for watermarks and such) and going on vacation in a week.  So I think I will be taking a break from my goal.  Sad.

I plan to re-boot it though once I get everything on the mend and going again.  But thinking that fall (October) may be a good time to refocus my efforts.  There will still be occasional post in the meantime.  And hopefully lots of reading up and research on D-SLR and lenses and all of the good wonderful stuff.

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